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Pastors Jones' Daily Word

Watch who you share your pain with..

People that have had fellowship with you, can damage you in ways that a stranger can’t because they know enough about you to hit you in places that will cause the most damage. Watch who you share your pain with.

Pastor J.

I'm Still Standiing

There are some things that have been trying to kill you for years, but you are still standing. It killed others but I decree it won’t kill you.

Pastor J

Stop fighting...

Stop fighting the process when God is pushing to the next level. No process, no reward.

Pastor J.

No Matter the Trial...

Your tongue can speak life into all your dead situations or it can be a weapon of mass destruction. Speak confidently, no matter the trial.

Pastor J.

The Sky is the Limit...

Remember a persons expectations of you are not your limits,but they do lend opportunity for you to accomplish the unexpected. You have favor

Pastor J.

Don't Give Up...

Always note that your goal is bigger than your struggle. What’s coming is better than what’s been.

Pastor J.

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  • #GREATER!!!!!!!!!!!! March is my two yr anniversary at NCF... my life has changed tremendously since I've been there! My Pastor Charles Jones came by my moms house & or called WEEKLY with prayer/food/water & ALWAYS asked what else we needed. He came to the hospital for her surgery & any time she was ever admitted, he had the congregation fast on her behalf, & in the end even helped plan/organize her funeral. The list goes on & on & on. & 2 have a 1st Lady that genuinely cares about each member & holds you down while ur out doing ministry is phenomenal! The church is just a BUILDING... to see them give their time outside of those 4 walls is what captured my heart! #SELFLESS!!! Its an honor to sit under & serve such GENUINE leaders!

    Amanda Elizabeth

  • Today Service was better than Good it was Great!!!! Pastor Charles Jones brought that Word you talking about Man of Fire for God......he is truly a Blessed Man of God.... that Word was for me and it was a on time needed word....there where so much Conformation...and i Thank God for his Faithful Servant. ...if you haven't visit New Creation Fellowship 2864 Mississippi Ave Fort Worth TX there is a word.......everybody enjoy the Beautiful day